Appointment Policies

Before Your Appointment

If you are running late, your service may be shortened so as to not interfere with the next client’s appointment. If you are having any eye or eyelash-related service, please remove ALL eye makeup, eye cream, foundation, and contacts beforehand so as not to let their removal run into your appointment time. The longer your lashes have been dry after cleansing (as opposed to removing makeup immediately before service) the better the results of your service. If you are having permanent eyeliner done, please have all eyelash extensions removed as well, otherwise your natural lashes will get caught in the process.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Same day cancellation or no-shows will be charged a $50 fee (or full amount for services less than $50) for that time slot. All sales are final. If, after receiving an eyelash extension service, your new lashes begin falling out prematurely, please email photos to within the first 24 hours after the service, and we will schedule you a new service at no additional charge within 72 hours. Thank you for understanding.