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Sweet & Lashful is hiring!

Available Positions:

  • Spa Concierge

  • Lash Artists

  • Barbers at MENICURE (Men’s Grooming Spa)

  • Massage Therapists

  • Makeup Artists

  • Aestheticians

At Sweet & Lashful, we value creativity, talent, and positivity! We ask that all of those who decide to apply for a position at Sweet & Lashful truly take the time to ask and answer the following questions to themselves:

  • Do you enjoy being around others? Are you a team player? Are you open to constructive criticism and always willing to improve?

If you answered "yes" to all of the above questions, then please email with a resume and cover letter, which should include why you would like to work for Sweet & Lashful, your strengths, your weaknesses, what position you are interested in, and what you hope to get out of working with us.


Are you interested in training with us or providing training classes for those interested in honing their skills in this industry to a finer degree? At Sweet & Lashful, we value Customer Service and Education. With seven awards under our belt and partnerships with some of Atlanta’s most talented and leading service professionals, Sweet & Lashful is partnering with The Heart of Beauty Institute ( to ensure the industry will continue to put out its best. Some of the programs currently in their development stages for 2019 include permanent makeup training, microblading classes, microshading (ombré brows) classes, eyelash extension certification courses, advanced volume training certification courses, keratin lash lift and lash and brow tinting classes, hair extension courses, barber services, and a few more! For the most up-to-date information, please visit our current list of courses.

If you are interested in being a trainer in any of the courses listed above, please email


On February 14, 2018, Sweet & Lashful hosted its first ever Spread The Love Nonprofit launch party event ( in hopes of giving away free eyebrow services (from makeup to brow tints to microblading and permanent makeup services) to those who have lost their brows due to cancer treatments or alopecia. If you or somebody you know is interested in these free services, please email, and we will call you to get more details to add you to our list this year. 

If you are already a service provider or are interested in helping us on the non-profit side, please send us an email with your resume and cover letter letting us know how you would like to help, and we will reach out shortly. 


New Location Opportunities
Sweet & Lashful is looking to expand globally. One of our missions is to be able to prioritize helping women in developing countries, and we believe that with the right partners, we will be able to achieve this goal more quickly than on our own. If you believe in the Sweet & Lashful brand and are interested in helping us achieve our goal and vision globally, please email, and we will contact you shortly.

Sweet & Lashful strives to partner with those who place value in longevity and quality. To provide better options for clients and people in general, Sweet & Lashful is always open to product opportunities that will provide a better future. Have a product you’d like to share with the public? Please email, and we will get back to you shortly.