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2-Day Volume Lash Extension Training Course (FULLY BOOKED!)


Advanced Lash Training (Volume Technique) by Sweet & Lashful

Jan 27-28, 2019—12-6pm
Price: $1195 

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Beware! In the State of Georgia, Lash Professionals MUST either be a Licensed Esthetician, Cosmetologist, or a Registered Nurse. A growing number of Unlicensed “Trainers” are marketing well to target the pockets of individuals interested in a Lash Career, knowing that being “Certified” and being “Licensed” are not the same. This leads to a growing number of “Certified Lash Techs” who risk having to work illegally in the field. For this reason, we will verify Licensed Estheticians, Cosmetologists, or current students in the field. 

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